So You Voted No

You didn't vote for him or for  The Spirit of Scotland

You didn’t vote for him or for
The Spirit of Scotland

You didn't vote for her and she'll never get another chance

You didn’t vote for her
and she’ll never get another chance

You didn't vote for her or her

You didn’t vote for her or her

Hamish Henderson

You didn’t vote for him and what he worked for. You probably don’t even know who he is.

You fell for Murdoch trash press

You did vote for him, his values and his trash press

You voted for  Neo-Nazi Unionists

You voted for
Neo-Nazi Unionists

You voted to retain the House of Lords

You voted to retain the House of Lords

You voted to retain the corrupt  British Establishment in the manner to which is expects

You voted to retain corrupt British Establishment in the manner it has grown to expect

You voted support for  the Stock Exchange when it threatened you with penury

You voted support for the Stock Exchange when it threatened you with penury

You voted for him and his Party's austerity measure

You voted for him and his Party’s austerity

You voted your approval of their threats and interference in the democratic process

You voted your approval of their threats and interference in the democratic process

You vote your approval of their threats and interference in the democratic process

You vote your approval of their threats and interference in the democratic process

You vote for them and their threats of job losses

You vote for them and their threats to take jobs out of Scotland

You voted your approval of their threats to increase prices in Scotland

You voted your approval of them and their threats to increase prices in Scotland

You voted to reinforce their view they are born with the right to govern you

You voted to reinforce their view they are born with the right to govern you

You voted your approval of  him interfering in the democratic process of a foreign nation

You voted for approval of him interfering in the democratic process in a foreign nation

And you voted no along with these fellow-travellers

You voted for a Labour leader totally at sea when confronted by ordinary Scots

You voted for yourself and your personal self-interest

You voted for yourself and your personal self-interest

And it could all have been so different.

9 Comments to “So You Voted No”

  1. I’m not a huge fan of how you’re telling me what i voted for. I voted No, and i don’t want any of the things you say i want. What i want is a completely different way of doing things; not the “we’ll just fuck off with whatever amenities we want, cheers” of the Yes campaign, because i don’t believe that’s how politics should or does work, nor do i want, or necessarily agree with the empty promises i feel the government was making on behalf of the No campaign. I don’t actually believe that politicians on any side know whats best for any country (English government mostly) or know how to properly go about getting what they want (Scottish government here). Both sides were as bad as each other, using dirty tactics, telling half-truths. No politician came out with anything that led me to believe they were being completely truthful about anything they offered.

    I voted No because i want to be the changes i want to see in the country and try and offer a new way of doing things than both sides were offering. And so i voted for the side that i believed would allow us to make the most changes most effectively in the best possible time frames, rather than us just buggering off and throwing ourselves in head first and blindfolded.

    Now i don’t mind anyone having any opinion they choose, that’s the fantastic thing about freedom of speech and democracy. However i can’t stand it when people use tactics such as these to make me feel bad for doing what i believe is right. i most certainly didn’t vote for my self at all, as all i was trying to do was vote for what i believed would be the best course of action for everyone and for the best platform for changing how we do things. This referendum was not, nor will it ever be, the be-all and end-all of opportunities to change how we do things as there is always the chance to push for change.

    Worst of all though, i don’t really enjoy having to explain why i did what i believe would have been right for me (yes, granted i did have some thought as to how it would affect me, but who didn’t) and for the whole of Scotland.

    Asking questions, yes of course.

    Debate, by all means.

    Researching, absolutely. How else are we supposed to learn and learn and make up out minds?

    But straight out making me feel bad for doing what i think is right is, i feel, a bad way to go about it.

    I like to think of myself as an open minded individual, and i’m always willing to talk, chat, think, debate, ponder and accept points of view that i personally do not share and have mine changed. But all i feel you’ve done is just put up a load of pictures and statements (some of which i feel have no factual grounding whatsoever) without the ability to converse or talk with you about them. And from the tone of the article, i don’t know that i really want to.

    • What you are missing Michael is this is my blog and I’ll say what I like and you can disagree with me, which I don’t mind in the least, but that doesn’t make you right.

      Can’t see how my views would make you feel bad unless you feel, despite yourself, there’s a wee grain of truth there that’s got to you.

      My reaction to No voters is as above. There’s none so blind as those who cannot see. I used to be like you. Then I opened my eyes and ears.

      Thanks for reading the blog.

      • I apologize if i came across as condemning your right to say what you like, that wasn’t at all my intentions, and i’m well aware that just because i believe what i do, it in no way makes it “right”. But as you say, it’s just my point of view that i’m trying to vocalize.

        The reason i think it makes me feel bad is because i don’t want anyone to think that i want the things you suggest. They may well end up being completely true, and i may end up realizing i made a decision that was not best suited to the populace of Scotland, as was my intentions. But i made the decision in the best possible way i felt i could, and i feel bad that people believe i had an ulterior motive that wasn’t, in my mind, the best decision i could make.

        I don’t want anyone to think i’m a dick.

        I don’t know why it was your blog in particular that convinced me to try and vocalize some thoughts that i haven’t put down in writing since the referendum, and as i say, i didn’t mean to try and impede your right to say what you like.

      • No problem.

        I don’t get what it is you say made you vote no. Most Yes voters were fed up with the current political setup mired in decades/centuries of dynastical corruption and saw Scotland reasserting her independence as a means to get away from this; a chance to do things differently.

        Voting No is acceptance of the status quo because irrespective of what some might think there can never be radical change in the UK unless something dramatic like Scotland reasserting her becoming independence happens. Pipe dreams of anything else have been and will remain just that.

        Of course those advocating Better Together – BBC, ITV, Sky et al – all the newspapers bar one fought a dirty and dishonest campaign. Most people could see that at the time and certainly now with hindsight for those slow on the uptake. Lies and insults sums up the No campaign. And they are still at it. And both sides were not equally guilty of negativism and lying. That was entirely on the No side.

        I don’t know why you voted no. If, as I suspect, you are on the Left, and imagine the revolution is around the corner you’ll be disappointed. What might have been achieved was for Scotland to do things differently and become an example to rumpUK of what could be achieved. That is not selfishness – what you suggest is burying your head in the sand so that nothing ever changes for the better.

        I don’t go out of my way to hurt people’s feelings but my feelings were very hurt when I realised the hope and the promise of independence – tell me when independence is ever bad – was shattered. That was tough, though not unexpected. It was tough to hear the pathetic reasoning from people who voted No who expressed no positive reasons for doing so other than we don’t know what we wer’e getting into. Well we certainly do now.

        Yes I criticise people who voted No. Why wouldn’t I? You stand for everything I opposed. What on my list in the blog could you possibly disagree with? The old lady was devastated that people like you voted No and she would never achieve her dream to live in an independent country – imagine that.

        I know a wee boy, not the one in the picture, who got caught up in the Yes campaign. He is scarily bright and didn’t just pick up what his parents were saying but he followed the news about the campaign. How do you think he felt?
        The young mum with the baby – recognised how much better a place Scotland could be to bring up children -working things out for ourselves, no longer that place ‘up there’ that doesn’t come into any calculation for policy at Westminster. How do you think she feels?

        Hamish Henderson, that great man – could only dream of the opportunity that Scotland shunned.

        Rupert Murdoch was on your side. He supported No. You have a friend there. Funny that – always judge a person by his or her friends.

        Independence supporters (not necessarily nationalists) were labelled Nazis by foul-mouthed yobs who probably were neo-Nazis.

        People who voted No have voted to retain the House of Lords The House of Lords? One of the most corrupt institutions in the world – here in the UK. It should not exist in the 21st century but it does. Labour wants to reform it. Reform you notice not replace it.

        The corruption, deceit, the tax evasion, paedophilia that is slowly being exposed in the British establishment is a great reason, by itself, for voting Yes to rid ourselves of this filth. Those voting No by their actions are happy to put up with it.

        Why were the City and the banks and economic institutions so keen to hold onto Scotland? We know that this country contributes more to the UK economy than we get back from it. If it were not so we would have been shown the door to independence years ago.
        Scotland was threatened by businesses that the roof would fall in if we went independent. All nonsense. That was blackmail. Did you fall for it? Should blackmailers prosper?

        You are entitled to your opinion. I can’t respect it because I believe you were wrong. There are no good reasons for retaining Scotland as a lesser partner in the Union. Sharing poverty or whatever you think we are doing is a bankrupt idea because not one person will emerge out of poverty because we have kept the political system as it was. Politicians have been talking about eradicating poverty for as long as there’s been poverty. Do you know it is getting worse in the UK instead of better and yet the UK is a phenomenally wealthy country. How does that happen? Clue – look at Labour-led Glasgow City Council and what they pay their own guys in a city where people have a life expectancy of the low 50s. That tells you all you need to know about the priorities of Labour and its shameful selling-out of the working people in this country.

        Voting No to help bring up living standards across the UK is like seeing the Titanic is about to sink and jumping onboard. I wonder what Darwin would have made of that?

  2. I voted no to Independence. Some people are reading far too much into it. I didn’t vote for more powers for the Scottish Government that I did vote for and regretted it pretty much ever since. Just what the country needed – another level of politicians I voted to stay part of a Union that is not perfect but I certainly couldn’t stomach the “we own all the oil so we’ll be fine thank you very much attitude” of the Yes Vote. We are all right Jack. Sorry England Ireland and Wales – you’re on your own. What makes you think that any of those trolls you mentioned above have any more regard for most of England and all of Ireland and Wales than they have for Scotland? Do you think Westminster deliberately finds new and improved ways to stick it to the Scots and only the Scots?

    If your friends are being bullied do you sod off and lock the door to the house or do you stay and help them out too so you can all be safer?

    I and many like me (which turns out to be the majority) did not feel that Yes had made the case for independence. I have family in England and to vote yes would have felt like I was turning my back on them. I for one did not vote for any of that stuff you are trying to smear us with. Obama thought we should stay part of the Union. So what? Sean Connery thought we should vote for Independence. Their opinions are equally as valid as far as I am concerned. Of course that doesn’t mean I would give either of their opinions any regard whatsoever.

    Just because people don’t agree with you makes them neither stupid, self serving nor wrong. We almost never agree on stuff Lena but I enjoy reading your blog as it makes me question my own values. I wasn’t expecting wine after Yes losing but I thought better of you than these sour grapes.

    • Thanks for reading the blog John, you appear a bit frayed. As for me it’s not sour grapes it’s anger. A great movement has just been hammered by the full force of the state along with its promoters of black propaganda and yes, the aforesaid Obama. Unlike Connery, who I have to say I never heard anything from during the months leading to the vote Obama’s comments carry weight – and a degree of threat with them. Similarly all those other political leaders Cameron lined up to stick the boot in.

      I don’t doubt you regret seeing lots of levels of politicians, I would agree few are people due any respect for most are self-serving and not a few corrupt, but we wouldn’t have different tiers with independence only the single tier that would entail, without Westminster and the Scottish Office.
      It’s not my problem that you habitually vote for any of the people you seem pretty sick of. Maybe you should rethink your own political judgements and practices.

      Scotland has had it in the neck for centuries over, regarded as the lesser and inferior partner in the great Union. It is conveniently forgotten that Scotland brings a lot to the economic table. With oil income a Scottish government could have made a huge difference to our impoverished and don’t forget we have some of the worst housing and social conditions in Europe. Nothing of any importance has been forthcoming from westminster to tackle the growing gap between the rich and poor under the current UK system, instead there are daily attacks on the least able and disabled. The poor in Scotland will remain that way, thanks to you and people like who chose to be negative and not see the bigger picture. No I don’t accept you were thinking of the huddled masses in Leeds or Bradford or wherever when you cast your vote but of your annoyance at layers of government.

      Scotland could have led by example from a situation of prosperity and social responsibility. That will remain a dream for those of us who consider the well-being of others above what we may have personally lose.

      Since the result there’s been much criticism of the old voting for retention of the status quo which interestingly keeps them impoverished with the second worst pensions in Europe and with rising pension age but there are lots of oldies who have waited decades for just the opportunity that came on the 18th and who are too old to get another opportunity to fulfil their dreams. Thanks John you’ve shattered their hopes for a Scotland that doesn’t play second fiddle to the great might of England but leads by example.

  3. So the Sassenach will determine the fate of The Children of the Mist for the foreseeable future. Do not lose heart, the day will come.

  4. 1979 all over again. Vote no and we will give you silver-plated baubles. Maybe. Some day in the dim, distant future.

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