Don’t pity the trees

I was tickled by this letter in Saturday’s FT over an article which – well read it for yourself.

Er . . . we grow trees, in rows, to be harvested to make stuff

From Ms Elizabeth Roberts.

Sir, Sarah Gordon starts her article about the Encyclopedia Britannica switching from paper editions to online with: “The forests will benefit” (“Battleground over web content shifts decisively to quality”, Companies, March 17). When the red mist had cleared from my eyes, I tried to imagine a serious journal of record starting an article in comparable circumstances with the words “Cider apples tree will breathe a sigh of relief” (at the cessation of cidermaking) or “Welcome reprieve for stalks of wheat worldwide” if vitamin pellets ever replaced bread.

We in the commercial forestry sector grow trees, in rows, to be harvested to make stuff. They are a crop, right? And once they have been felled and taken away to make paper, pallets, houses etc, we plant some more! Magic, isn’t it?

Elizabeth Roberts, Forestry Purposes, Biggar, South Lanarkshire, UK

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