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Apr 1, 2012

South Fornet Recumbent Stone Circle

South Fornet

Continuing the exploration of Aberdeenshire’s many stone circles and recumbent circles in particular took us to South Fornet, close to Castle Fraser.

It’s not particularly easy to find some of the remaining recumbent stone circles which once abounded in the northeast of Scotland. Several have been raided over time for their stone, perhaps for building or land rollers. Some have been cleared during the great land reclamations of the agricultural revolution.

This remaining stones from this circle were not obvious from the road and required walking along the edge of a field. It’s not an easy way in as the ground is very uneven and the way is difficult. Then there are fences to be crossed.

It is interesting how some farmers, clearly proud to be working land which includes these wonderful monuments, encourage visitors to access their stone circles while others make life difficult for anyone wishing to access them.

The stones stand well above 6 feet high. There is a lot of similarity in the shape of these grey whinstone flankers: pointing in towards the missing recumbent. Veins of white quartz can be seen running through the flankers.

South Fornet is set in beautiful open countryside and only the two flankers remain upright. The gap where the recumbent would have been has been in-filled with field rubble.

Two stones, apparently from the circle lie where they fell or were abandoned on removal.

Cup marks are visible cut into the stones, not necessarily from the time the circle was erected.

At some point in its history, the name A Bruce has been carved into one of the stones.