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May 28, 2012

Loanhead of Daviot Recumbent Stone Circle

Loanhead of Daviot bronze age recumbent stone circle lies a few miles from Inverurie and is a true circle.

I’m very fond of this circle having come upon it early one misty morning with its stones looming up in the sun-infused vapour giving it an other-worldly appearance.

I’ve been back several times, including December in 2011 when these photographs were taken.

Clearly this circle from has been reconstructed. It is well kept with its cleared kerb cairn in the interior which contained pottery fragments and human remains.

Recumbent stone circles are a feature of the area close to Aberdeen, especially around Insch/Bennachie/Alford.

There is much speculation about the uses recumbent circles were put to but over the thousands of years of their existence it is fairly certain that people used them differently over time for ceremonies, cremations and interments.

Ten stones form this large circle of around 20 metres and each stone stands in its own cairn.

The recumbent is actually broken in two and faces SSW.

Remnants of Neolithic pottery were discovered here and cremated human remains.

One of the standing stones has been cupmarked.

Daviot stones feature shaped bases into beak shapes to give better seating in the earth.

The second rung alongside the recumbent circle is thought to have been the site of later cremations.