Andy Scott: can a leopard change its spots?

I took the following comment from Flickr on the topic of artist Andy Scott’s leopard in Aberdeen’s hideous Marischal Square shopping complex.

I post this simply to make the point that the sculptor Andy Scott well-known for the Kelpies also raised some publicity for his objection to “Bavarian” burger bar opening at his “masterpiece”. He was quoted as saying that Falkirk Community Trust had “no understanding of the cultural importance of the asset they have inherited, nor of their obligations to the artist who created them”. The Bavarian fast food outlet was described as “tacky”. Andy Scott has just had unveiled a Leopard (in the Kelpie style) at Aberdeen’s Marischal Square, a building which is perhaps the biggest architectural crime visited on Aberdeen in the past fifty years. I do wonder what responsibility the sculptor might feel in helping give artistic credibility to such a terrible project? Oh that we had had the choice in Aberdeen of a small Bavarian burger bar or a monster glass and steel box which hides the magnificence which is granite Marischal College

5 Comments to “Andy Scott: can a leopard change its spots?”

  1. Visiting Aberdeen ths weekend after an absence of a year or more. Looking ‘forward’ to seeing Marischal Square. What I am wondering is – Why would anyone expect anything else of ‘Aberdeen’ with its long and illustrious architectural history.

    • Don’t understand your point.

      Aberdeen has some stunning architecture from the 19th and 20th centuries. Since the 1960s there has been a dearth of imagination and ambition which is shared with towns and cities across the country. However, Aberdeen since the 1970s has been home to huge, huge wealth and the disgrace is that none of that left its imprint on the fabric of the city. Aberdeen is in essence a microcosm of Scotland in that what wealth is created is sent away to enhance other parts of the UK. As for Marischal Square this was misbegotten from the start, not only in architectural terms but financial as well. It is the worst of city centre developments which do nothing to enhance the attractiveness of the city centre while obscuring the very best feature in Aberdeen and all against the overwhelming wishes of people of this area.

  2. Can I suggest you pop and see the statue this week, Provost Skene House too. I think you will, like those I was with lately, be impressed.

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