Ban the Bomb 1967-style

As a follow up to Singing Ding Dong Dollar blog here is another copy of Megaton, Aberdeen youth ban the bomb’s magazine from the summer of love 1967.

Scott MacKenzie was the vinyl of choice with his hit San Francisco which you might want to play while perusing this recently uncovered edition of Megaton.

MegatonMegaton p.2Megaton p.3

The quality is poor but hey, it was nearly half a century ago.

Megaton p.4

Megaton p.6Megaton p.6Megaton p.7

Aberdeen YCND

Aberdeen YCND

Megaton p.8Megaton p.9Megaton p.10Megaton p.11Megaton p.5Megaton p.12

Aberdeen YCND

Aberdeen YCND

Megaton p.13Megaton p.15Megaton p.16Megaton p.17

2 Comments to “Ban the Bomb 1967-style”

  1. Some things never change…but production of newsletters has. Manual typewriter, stencils, banda machines — all consigned to the past. Fifty years, you say. Seems like yesterday, and seems like another world.

    • Banda machines were great. Used to use them at school to produce bonnie pink and blue worksheets. Life’s too easy now and print is legible – when did that happen?

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