Oh what a tangled web we weave, When first we practise to deceive: BBC Scotland and the Labour Party

bbc scotland tangled web

Welcome to The Family; the BBC Scotland family aka the Labour Party.

The Family resides in Glasgow and is presided over by Ken McQuarrie. Ken MacQuarrie’s Head of News at BBC Scotland is John, John Boothman. John is married to Susan, Susan is Susan Deacon. Susan is a former Labour MSP and Health Minister at Holyrood.


Ken’s Head of Online News is Tom, Tom Connor. Tom and John are said to have offered media training to Labour Party wannabe politicians. Tom’s department operates BBC Scotland blogs; infamous for their ban on public comments, unlike any other part of the UK.

Another Tom is Tom McCabe. Tom is a member of the Scottish Labour Party and used to be an MSP. Tom also used to be the partner of Lorraine, Lorraine Davidson. Lorraine’s career has swung between the Labour Party and the BBC. She used to be a spin-doctor – with the Labour Party or was it the BBC? Not too sure on that one. Lorraine became a weel-kent voice on BBC Scotland frequently ushered in to air her views on all the big issues of the day. Lorraine is now married to David.

David is David Martin and he’s a Labour Party MEP. David Martin is friends with Catriona, Catriona Renton. Catriona loves politics which is good because that’s what she covers as a BBC Scotland reporter. Catriona was a Labour councillor in Glasgow with ambitions to become an MSP but sadly didn’t get elected in 2003. Catriona is a friendly sort of lady with Facebook chums the likes of Jackie Baillie ( herself a very friendly lady who is also chums with Gary Robertson and Alan Clements hubby of Kirsty Wark ), Yousuf Hamid, Tom Harris, Mike Dailly, Frank McAveety, John Robertson, John Park, Steven Purcell, Dave Watson – is there Labour person Catriona isn’t chummy with?


I don’t know if Catriona knows Raymond, Raymond Buchanan that is. Raymond used to work for BBC Scotland until the little matter of his mis-representing what was said by an Irish Minister, Lucinda Creighton, on EU membership of an independent Scotland along with another little matter of a so-called ‘leaked SNP document’ suggesting Scotland’s reliance on English consumers to cover the cost of Scottish energy  encouraged Raymond to make a strategic withdrawal. Whichever – Raymond has retreated to the Outer Hebrides from where he loves to tweet about politics and, well you can make up your own mind where Raymond’s heart lies.


Raymond’s brother-in-law is Brian, Brian Wilson (allegedly). Brian used to be a Labour MP, you know the one put in charge of Labour Vote No Campaign in 1979 in the devolution referendum campaign. Brian loves and promotes nuclear power, and why wouldn’t he for he was a non-executive director of Amec Nuclear Holdings.  Brian is no stranger to BBC Scotland which likes nothing better than to canvass his views on everything from tweed to nukes.

Then there’s Ken or rather was Ken. Ken Macintosh*, like many before and since, has found his career slipped seamlessly between the Labour Party and the BBC. Currently Ken is a Labour MSP with an eye on leadership if only Ed Miliband could remember who he is. Ed Miliband lives in London where lots of Scots migrate to from wee Scotland to enhance their careers, and why not. You’ll be familiar with Andrew, Andrew Marr.

Andrew decided his future lay in London. And one day BBC London noticed North Britain was jumping up and down trying to draw attention to itself. Now BBC London was not in the habit of encouraging such self-promotion but decided some canny handling of independence matters was required. It looked around and spotted the lovely Andrew who despite all evidence to the contrary turned out to be Scottish! Andrew, they realised, was the perfect person to embody Scotland; to go out and explore this backwater in the north and enlighten the good people of Britain why it was the whingeing Scots were whingeing. And Andrew obliged because he’s that kinda guy. He’s also the kinda guy who discovered the Labour Party suited him nicely while a student. And Andrew is married to Jackie.

Jackie is a journalist, oh and broadcaster, which takes her into the BBC quite a lot. Jackie is the daughter of the late Jack Ashley. Jack was a Labour MP which might be why Jackie specialises in the Labour Party, according to Wikipedia, though I’m not sure what that means. And she supported Gordon Brown’s government, so it says. Think you might be on your own there Jackie.


Now for all I know Jackie and Andrew might be friends with James, James Naughtie. James or Jim as he’s sometimes known  also found himself taking the road south to find fame and fortune. And behold the BBC discovered that Jim is also a Scot and who better to add some gravitas to the wretched Good Morning Scotland and demonstrate how to tackle the issues making the natives restless.  And if you’re waiting for an argument from me on that one you will wait a while. I don’t know much about James except he hails from the very lovely Milltown of Rothiemay and my friend Graeme and one-time journalist says he used to think him one of the better reporters. So that’s Jim – cleancut and non-affiliated unless you think his comment of ‘if we win the election’ when interviewing Labour’s Ed Balls during the 2005 General Election suggests anything. But hey, it’s an easy slip to make as many at the BBC will tell you. Welcome back to Scotland Jim and a warm welcome too to Laura and Sarah. Don’t pay any attention to those harping on about what it’s costing – big bucks (the new Scottish currency I’m told) but just hold on, they’re worth it. Don’t you agree?

Laura is the lovely Laura Kuenssberg, daughter of Nicholas. You know – that Nicholas -one of the donors to Wendy Alexander’s campaign that went so badly wrong. You must remember all those donations of £995 that meant donors could remain anonymous. Got it now? Okay, so Nicholas, father of Laura was one of those people lending support to wee Wendy. Wendy, once even led Scottish Labour at Holyrood but perhaps her greatest claim to fame is being the sister of Douglas, Douglas Alexander.

Douglas is a Labour MP and often asked to appear on political shows, which is as it should be. Douglas is a canny politician knowing not to say too much and he has never been accused of dodgy practice over campaign funding and certainly hasn’t uttered Wendy’s catchphrase of ‘Bring it on’ which only brought on her own downfall which I’m sure Laura’s father Nicholas Kuenssberg would have been sorry to witness.


Wendy is married to Brian, Brian Ashcroft. Brian is Director of the Fraser of Allander Institute. The Fraser of Allander Institute is often cited on BBC Scotland as an independent think-tank which coincidentally issues lots of warnings about the weakness of the Scottish economy. Oh well everyone’s entitled to their opinion – although not all have access to them being aired by the BBC but life’s not fair is it Wendy?

A friend of Wendy’s is Sarah. That is the Honourable Sarah Smith, daughter of the late John, one-time leader of the Labour Party who also  found the invitation north impossible to refuse. Sarah had a lovely wedding not so long ago which she shared with her friends the Alexander twins and their father who married Sarah (as minister officiating not, well you know). Other guests included the great and the good (it’s a phrase okay) from the Labour Party. Sarah’s sister is the daughter-in-law of the Right Honourable the Lord George Robertson of Port Ellen, KT, GCMG, FRSA, FRSE, PC and of the Labour Party. Do you think he says that every time he answers the phone? Sarah’s political shows on BBC Scotland have not been well-received but that’s no reason for her not to keep trying. Go Sarah go!


Which all proves nothing very much at all other than  it’s not what you know that matters as much as who you know.

  • Ken Macintosh is now Presiding Officer in the Scottish Parliament.

I was sorry to have missed the hour-long programme on Alba on Brian Wilson. Lucky man.

http://www.heraldscotland.com/summary-of-commission-interview-with-wendy-alexander-1.847788 http://www.newsnetscotland.com/index.php/affairs-scotland/9619-the-dirty-dozen-the-case-against-bbc-scotland-part-2 http://gaiusmarcellus.blogspot.co.uk/2010/03/unacceptable-links-between-labour-and.html

Please take time to read the blog linked below – an extensive unpicking of the unhealthy relationship between Labour in Scotland and the BBC. There is a holy trinity at work encompassing BBC Scotland, the Labour Party in Scotland and Glasgow University that has become unpleasantly incestuous and hugely undemocratic.


BBC Myth or Magic part 1

BBC Myth or Magic part 2

BBC and the word of God

Published in 2014

48 Responses to “Oh what a tangled web we weave, When first we practise to deceive: BBC Scotland and the Labour Party”

  1. My God this is an incestuous poisonous bunch. Thanks for all the info. I’m surprised we got this far in our independence struggle with this barrier of hatred so well set up in the publicity machinery of Scotland. I was pure raging when I read how much clout was being used against Scotland’s journey to Independence. Then I felt exhilerated as even with all this in built payroll structure of interference set up by anti Independence weasels we are still getting there . They operate like an old school KGB spy ring totally bought and paid for to perpetuate the Empire of the UK. against us Scots Whas likes us signed PROUD MARY

  2. The BBC is the British State propaganda broadcaster.

  3. Well ive had enough.No longer will I watch ANYTHING on bbc or their sister Chanel stv. Thought I was imagining it for a while therenow realise they are 100% anti Scottish,beeb more obvious but at least they aren’t ignorant enough to have “Scottish” in their title!

  4. Well well, well. Who’d a thunk it.
    They come across as being so, so, so em! Honest and genuine.
    No! Honest, it’s genuine. NOT!

  5. Labour…..in Scotland…WHERE..?

  6. Reblogged this on shoolyboo and commented:
    And the links just keep going. BBC and the Labour party

  7. Meet Neil, Neil Gray is an SNP MP and is a former BBC journalist. Or Brendan. Brendan O’Hara is a Scottish National Party MP for Argyll and Bute and former BBC Producer. Or Maybe Angus Robertson again an SNP MP, and former BBC stringer. Or John Nicolson, SNP MP and former BBC Breakfast presenter. Or Stuart Easton, former Senior broacdcast Journalist at the BBC and now SNP communications officer at Westminster. Or Former BBC journalist David Kerr and Yes Campaigner and SNP candidate on several occasions. Or ex-BBC employee, Ewan Crawford who was Alex Salmond’s Advisor and is married to Gillian Sharpe BBC Reporter. And I’ve heard another Senior journalist’s partner was the Press Officer for Business for Yes or and the BBC let’s Yes Campaigner Ricky Ross have a whole programme to present for God’s sake

    Are you going to accuse the BBC of being a branch of the SNP? No. Because that would be ridiculous.

    Hell SNP member Jeff Dugdale is the father of Kezia Dugdale..is the SNP a nest of Labourites too? Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh, MP and SNP spokeswoman on Trade and Investment was a Labour member and shock horror a conservative candidate.

    Maybe you could just admit that Scotland is small enough that people know and are related to other people who are in politics.

    Not everything is a conspiracy.

    • former BBC journalist….former BBC Producer…former BBC stringer…former BBC Breakfast presenter…former Senior broacdcast Journalist…ex-BBC employee…

      You’ve very neatly destroyed your own argument by pointing out that these people with SNP connections don’t work for BBC Scotland. Brilliant.

  8. Reblogged this on Tartantights's Blog and commented:
    Hey everyone. Rtead this and weep for the death of so-called British fair play as the BBC is exposed for what it is, the broadcasting wing of the British Loyal Labour And Unionist Party.

    Love And Best Wishes
    Gayle X

  9. Jaw dropping!!!! ‘

    • I1have a brother called John and no way would I vote for who he votes for .
      P S I love him dearly so please get real folks.

  10. If this is a family tree then it must be a Weeping Willow right now.

  11. Raymond Buchanan is NOT Brian Wilson’s brother in law. Suggest you remove that sentence. Otherwise this is a very interesting article!

    • Oh really? As you seem to know this for sure then perhaps you could put me right on who is Brian Wilson’s brother-in-law or Raymond Buchanan’s for that matter. And is it just a piece of good luck that Brian Wilson still gets more air time on the BBC than his views might be worth?
      Thanks for reading the blog.

  12. I saw an article about Kaye Adams on http://www.scottishwebsites.com it was a few weeks ago and is maybe no longer there.

  13. Kaye Adams always comes across as a pure SLab. Any connections ?

    • Your guess is as good as mine. We can all harbour suspicions about a presenter’s political leanings from how the behave. On her performances I would hazard a guess she won’t be campaigning for the SNP anytime soon. She’s free to write in, as the say on the BBC.

  14. We should start a sack Ken McQuarrie facebook page to apply some pressure. Or dose one exist?

    • Don’t know. These things can be successful but only if enough people support them. There’s the petition option as well. However you know how these things work. He’d be replaced by his clone. Still no reason for not stirring.

  15. I’m happy to leave comments where people are sure of connections between politicos and the BBC but equally I’m happy to remove any that are misleading. I can fully understand why someone might be aghast at being related to Lord George Foulkes.

  16. No relation to Lord George Foulkes whatsoever, nor to any UK political party. Please remove the above post immediately.

  17. Reblogged this on Wake Up Before It's Too Late and commented:
    Interesting. Good post connecting the dots…#IndyRef #Scotland

  18. Have a look at Ms.E.Bradford’s connections.

  19. “Right Honourable the Lord George Robertson of Port Ellen, KT, GCMG, FRSA, FRSE, PC and of the Labour Party. Do you think he says that every time he answers the phone?”


    I thought at first,
    there is a real danger of inbreeding,
    then I thought Fifi le bo–, eh Kezia Dugdale,
    then I thought OH?
    I have to ask, does anyone here know if its true Kezia has hair on the palms of her hands?

  20. It’s perhaps notable that the aforementioned Mr Buchanan, is not, as stated, holed up in the Western Isles, but in fact in London and has a swanky new job as spokesman for the Weir Group. Frightfully well done. Yes, the is the same Weir group whose chief executive came out so vociferously against independence. Oh, and whose directors include Baron Robertson of Port Ellen, the well known Labour peer.

  21. That reminds me of the Tom Lehrer song “,I got it from Agnes….”!

  22. And who is Colletta Smith, BBC Scotland Economics Correspondent, related to? She is putting up articles on the BBC Scotland website – a bit one-sidedly, too.

  23. To think this is just covering Scotland alone. I hate to think how interwoven the Labour party and BBC are here in England. When you consider that the London area alone has double the population of Scotland, and is the home of the Divided Kingdom’s political and media establishments, it’s difficult not to imagine a picture of the two organisations where it’s nigh impossible to tell where one ends and the other begins. I just hope that you folks in Scotland vote Yes on the 18th, and that those involved in this web of deceit and cronyism are prevented from holding any publicly-funded job.

  24. Might be both.

    Switzerland and Sweden are quite close in the alphabet soup of grown-up wee countries and are both foreign.

  25. I could be missing something here. But what relevance is any of this to anyone?
    All I’ve heard for months is a vote for independence isn’t a vote for the snp/Salmond. An independant Scotland may elect a labour government. Does anyone really care that David Currie once delivered a newspaper to Henry McLeish?!? If your going to blog about the BBC and labour surely you need to balance your own argument by telling us who from STV has politician connections.

    • STV is not publicly funded from our taxes it can do whatever it likes. The BBC has a charter under which is supposed to operate to ensure fairness and impartiality. If you can’t see what’s wrong with the Labour Party creating a fiefdom within the BBC then it speaks volumes about where you’re coming from.

      • lenethehyena… I am very pleased that you have researched this and found the odious links between these two control groups… had they been fair and conducted serious investigative “journalism” into the whole independence debate… it would have given the truth to a huge amount of scaremongering … but instead they have propagated their own & the labour parties agenda….. I seriously hope that after the referendum they are held to account.

    • Lisa, you are right that post referendum Scotland might elect a Labour Government. The point you seem to be missing is that the BBC is a national broadcaster and should be neutral. To be neutral it would have to cease to employ those who are or may be seen to be politically affiliated.
      As for STV, they are a commercial company and can be as biased as they like. They don’t stretch to the Borders, anyway (where I live.)

  26. My list is certainly not exhaustive. We know there are lots more relationships between BBC and the Labour Party which goes to explain some of the preferential reporting that goes on. I welcome all contributions from you and others who know more about this than I do.

  27. Im sorry but wee jim naughtie shared a flat with one gordo when he moved south…. and guess
    where gordo went onto???

  28. You couldn’t make it up. The worse part of it all is they portray themselves as neutral and impartial – it’s nauseating. I trust most of these people are given cut price tickets to London following the YES Vote where they will all be much happier in more ‘civilised’ surroundings.

  29. What about the woman who tells lies on the bbc about the nhs?Who is she related to?


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