Keep it Simple Aberdeen. Simply a Square.

Marischal College

Keep it simple Aberdeen City Council.

You started this by talking about a civic square – Marischal Square.

Now deliver on your word.

Nothing more. Nothing less. A wonderful large and photogenic

Marischal Square.

Thanks for voting folks. Result of the poll, completely unscientific and none the worse for that, is 97% for an open square and 3% for the proposed Muse development.

It doesn’t prove anything other than people who are interested in Aberdeen’s architecture and how the city develops who read this blog are overwhelmingly against putting crass commercialism before preserving the little piece of magnificence there is in the city.

I hope Aberdeen City Council takes notice but I’ve been around long enough to know that other factors influence its members and permanent staff that have nothing to do with doing the decent and aesthetic considerations.




5 Comments to “Keep it Simple Aberdeen. Simply a Square.”

  1. why bother pulling down an eyesore just to replace it with another one ?

  2. Do you think Aberdeen City Council will listen to the people who live here? I don’t. They live in their own little world and don’t give a damn about anyone else. We must have the worst council in the UK.

    • I share your scepticism over council quality. A look around Aberdeen confirms bad decisions have been taken over the decades and whenever councillors are reported on issues of planning and so on it becomes depressingly clear that whatever other qualities they may have, a sense of aesthetics and boldness aint among them.

      The irony is that every other statement and vision thingy that is issued by the council is peppered by ‘vision’ and ‘vibrant’ and these are precisely what is lacking in just about everything the council does.

      As for the planners who allow through these atrocious builds it’s time they were named and shamed and made to justify their recommendations.

      Don’t know if Aberdeen is the worst council in the country but it must be up there with them.

  3. Hi Lena, shared the poll. Is there a way of seeing how many people have voted?

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