What happens when a Palestinian youth looks for his family in a bombed house in Gaza

A Palestinian youth looks for relatives in the rubble that was their home. But there is no pity in Gaza.

Shooting unarmed civilians is a war crime. Some countries and individuals however are above the law.

Warning: violence

And his family find him: New York Times


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6 Comments to “What happens when a Palestinian youth looks for his family in a bombed house in Gaza”

  1. Lies. All of it.

    • Look at the ruins Palestinians homes have been reduced to and ask yourself how is it this has happened and why the world accepts it is alright that these people must live this way? Don’t come back and say they are responsible because they attack Israel because no-one deserves to have their lives reduced to rubble and restrictions like Palestinians do.

  2. A squalid murderous regime which, with its colonial policies towards Palenstnians, puts it on a par with Leopold’s Belgium Congo, South African apartheid and the use of concentration camps in Nazi Germany.

    • They don’t like to be compared with Nazis. Of all the things they learned from their treatment in the 30s and 40s is surely how best to cleanse areas of what they regard as vermin, or snakes, which is how Israelis regard Palestinians – certainly not human beings. That, of course, makes it easier to kill them without guilt.

  3. I watched this earlier, just horrible

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