This is today’s UK so don’t tell me we’re better together

Voting yes gives us a chance to establish a different way of approaching society’s problems so that life isn’t made easier for the wealthy and harder for the poor.

6 Comments to “This is today’s UK so don’t tell me we’re better together”

  1. And this in a rich country! Only people can’t believe it’s rich because of what they see around them and the stories they read. I hope we’re moving into a phase in the campaign where some of the positives, the great opportunities we have with independence, will be highlighted, to show people how democracy doesn’t have to be merely a tweaking of tax rates or benefit rates. The future gives us the opportunity to build a new democracy than can be fairer, healthier as well as wealthier not just for the few but for everyone.

    • We are an immensely wealthy country but the distribution of that wealth is skewed in the wrong directions.

      Just imagine what Scotland could achieve if we invest in jobs and industries in the future instead of allowing them to wither away as they have been as a junior partner in the Union.

      The people of this country could become one of our many vital resources waiting to be pump primed into a resurgent rich industrial nation but it will only be realised with independence.

  2. This man moved me to tears….we have to vote yes, we need better for Scotland and hopefully in time, for the UK.

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