Political killings, MI6 and flexible morality- Patrice Lumumba

Who killed Congo’s first elected Prime Minister and why was he killed? How involved was British Intelligence?

None of what hit the headlines today is news.

Here’s a passage from the novel Banana Pier published 2012


Robert Coulthard is in Berlin.  He’s about 22 years old and he and Dinger have arrived at the Wannsee.  Dinger is in great form, reminiscing about his time as a fresh young officer in 1960 when a serious young African is elected to lead the Republic of Congo’s Nationalist Party in government.  Thirty-four, bloody young for a Prime Minister, don’t you think, son?  Too bloody smart by half, is Bell’s verdict.  The ‘too bloody smart one’ was called Patrice Lumumba. Coulthard remembered because he thought it sounded like a girls’ name.  Bell is whispering, All a mistake.  Usual faction disputes, too bloody young!  Course the Yanks were up in arms, bloody commies and the like taking over.  Belgians as well.  Used to be their neck of the woods.  Suppose y’know all about that, don’t you, son?  Land of copper and diamonds, the Congo.  Couldn’t have that going to the commies, now could we?

    We?  Coulthard had asked, You said Americans and Belgians?

    Dinger had winked, For a start.  Some British boys thought Washington was going too far, dirty business.   But the President demanded they get him so Lumumba was kidnapped.  Gagged him, drove him somewhere, tied him to a tree and shot the poor bugger.  Created some hullabaloo among the usual suspects. Bloody great outcry for the body, then.  What did they do?  Panicked – dug him up, carved him up and dissolved the bits in a pit of sulphuric acid.  Protests of course, in Trafalgar Square. Wouldn’t you just know it?  Eisenhower took some criticism that they’d overstepped the mark but as the late Herr Hitler observed, one of the essentials for achieving your aims is the use of constant and regular violence.  The world’s not a place for dreamers, son.

    Adrenalin was pumping round his body. Could scarcely contain his excitement.  That remark Dinger had made at the Wannsee about violence and success.  Well, he wasn’t a dreamer.  If anything his world lay more in the field of nightmares.  The young version of Robert Coulthard only being moulded.  Fiercely loyal to Dinger and country.  Acquiesced with Dinger over what was morally acceptable behaviour to preserve the Union: Dinger’s moral map. 

from the novel Banana Pier http://www.amazon.co.uk/Banana-Pier-Alex-Chisholm/dp/1780880146

MI6 and the death of Patrice Lumumba  http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-africa-22006446

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