Aberdeen Beach – Puffin Graveyard

Aberdeen Beach 27mar13 001

Aberdeen’s famous miles of golden sands were distinctly chilly today despite some bright sunshine.

27mar13 007

The tide was running high washing up all kinds of everything onto the beach including large amounts of unused lengths of 2 X 4. So if anyone has a DIY job in mind the beach could provide your timber for free.

27mar13 006

Unfortunately the most common item on the beach – aside from nappy liners which begs the question why do people flush them down the lavatory – were dead birds, mainly puffins.

27mar13 003

27mar13 010

27mar13 011

27mar13 012                                              27mar13 013

The harsh winter weather has caused havoc with wildlife this year and puffins are just one of the obvious victims of starvation.

27mar13 014

I think this is a goose. Perhaps dead from starvation or a victim of high winds and seas.

27mar13 009

There were several cuttlebones washed up. The first time I’ve seen them here.

The cuttlebone is the inside of the cuttlefish and is made of aragonite. Cuttlebones were used as moulds by jewellers and silversmiths. Some people stick them through the bars of budgie cages.


Looking towards Footdee (Fittie) from the esplanade.

27mar13 005

27mar13 026


Aberdeen beach is a great place to go for all kinds of reasons. But …

27mar13 034

…you must not do this, do that do that.

This sign was put up to prevent youths walking into the sea after leaving this monstrosity night club.

27mar13 040

The club has gone. Unfortunately the ugly building continues to be an eyesore at the beach. Time it and this sign were torn down.

Aberdeen Beach


2 Comments to “Aberdeen Beach – Puffin Graveyard”

  1. That sign is also there because of the litigation culture imported from our American friends, so it won’t be coming down any time soon.

    • To be fair it only applies to that part of the beach. Further over there were surfers, as there often are, but I didn’t photograph them.

      There were some unfortunate incidents years ago with drunken guys walking into the sea, never a good idea, but the place they were coming from is long shut and the sign is redundant. Anyhow can you imagine anyone under the influence stopping to read a sign and thinking, ah, so it’s not allowed, think I’ll not bother.

      Yes, of course it is about litigation. Another box ticked.

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