The film they don’t want you to watch

Why did they want to censor this film?
Watch it to find out.

3 Comments to “The film they don’t want you to watch”

  1. Like I say – your Blog, your Rules Lena, I have no problem with that. It wasn’t my video I posted and I didn’t have anything to say other than the fact that if you compare both films it appears that the Yes campaign have helped themselves to content in the Better Together film. To me that means it wasn’t censorship that was the reason for getting the film pulled from Youtube. Someone may have asserted their copyright or the ContentID in Youtube kicked in and blocked it. Both are much more likely than some machiavellian plot to stop the truth from getting out there which what is implied in the headline.

  2. Wow – now I’ve been censored. I don’t mind – after all it’s your blog, your rules but if you want a balanced debate you need alternative views. Under the video it asks Why did they want to censor this film? I merely suggested a reason why they wanted to censor the film which you won’t get by watching this film on it’s own. I wasn’t taking a view on independence (about which I am still undecided). However if you watch the other film as well I think most reasonable people would understand why “they” may have wanted it removed from youtube as it uses material from another source that “they” presumably paid to have done.

    • You weren’t being censored John. What you did was the equivalent of me walking into your house, sitting down at your table and eating your food. I pay for my blog to show videos and I don’t expect freeloaders to take advantage of my comments facility to use for their videos.

      If you want to show a video get your own blog. On the other hand if you have something to say feel free to say it.

      We live in a world where material is available in all kinds of formats more or less instantly. It’s a strange thing that you think someone in effect owns comments made in public. You don’t know it but you support the very thing you accuse me of doing.

      I would have thought that hearing the arguments of people who want to cling to the union would be welcomed by them – broadening exposure to their views. I assume people concerned are not ashamed of their views so why the desire to have them suppressed?

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