Rita MacNeil sings Working Man

Several years ago I came across friends of Rita MacNeil in Nova Scotia and I’d never heard of her at the time. A few years on and I heard this track on Robbie Shepherd’s programme and recently found the piece of paper I’d noted it down on.

So here it is and I hope you like the song too.

This is also a tribute to the British miners and their families who suffered so much at the hands of Margaret Thatcher.

3 Comments to “Rita MacNeil sings Working Man”

  1. I love this song. Actually, I love the performance. It used to get regular airplay on BBC R2 years ago. I bought the cd on the strength of that. It’s not everybody’s cup of tea but the lady has an amazing voice.

  2. This song was posted on YouTube by a friend, the late Peter Tibbet. He was a hugh follower of Rita MacNeil’s. There are over 263+ thousand views of this video on Youtube.

    • It’s a great song and so well sung by Rita. I was very struck by it the first, and unfortunately only, time I’ve heard it here.

      I like both versions I watched on YouTube but went for this one because of the extraordinary photographs which accompany it.

      Thanks for dropping by.


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