The Gruesome Fewsome: the Rally of 400 that went phut!

They built up the rally on their Facebook page.

The police were expecting 400.

The media informed us there would be 400 on the streets of the Granite City.

These people were angry.

Angry that Aberdeen City Council would no longer be obliterating Union Terrace Gardens in favour of shops.

The people came.

Well around 55 people and a dog turned up.

The police – two officers watched from a safe distance.

It wasn’t impressive. Demos don’t come much smaller. It did entertain a few curious members of the public wondering what the underwhelming rally was all about.

Nothing much.


5 Comments to “The Gruesome Fewsome: the Rally of 400 that went phut!”

  1. If anyone is interested in ‘the power of their arguments’ Hugh refers to above, I’ve a huge collection of screenshots from the ‘protest against aberdeen’ facebook page. These arguments range from misguided and short-sighted to inflammatory trolling. But here, have a look for yourselves at the charismatic speaker from the day

  2. What they lacked in numbers was compensated for by the power of their arguments. What I want to know is where was the full force of the State when needed? Although I’d imagine that because their eminence grise had failed to buy the city like good consumers they were happy to form an orderly queue; self kettling, now that’s the way forward.

  3. Aw – we missed each other amidst the throng!

  4. Ah Lena – I hear the post-protest piss-up in the brewery has fizzled out as well. But take heart – the organisers say this is just the beginning. If so, more laughs await! PS – I was standing near the lovely spaniel; it was just glad it was there as a casual observer.

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