Aberdeen Deserves Better – Protest 22 September

They demand Aberdeen comes into the 21st century but if that is where these clueless illiterate idiots reside then let’s not.

Aberdeen is one of the richest parts of the UK – never mind Scotland.

Land prices have been steadily rising in Aberdeen. Unemployment is virtually unknown and the economy is booming.

Of course this not enough for the business cabal which was desperate to get its hands on public land in the centre of the city for its own enrichment dressed up as civic improvement.

Lies, exaggeration and even bigger lies have been fed to the northeast public via various media outlets – you know who you are and public servants – we know who you are.

Some were taken in. Some were not.

The previous council, let’s call them the brown-nosers – were thrown out by a discerning Aberdeen electorate and replaced by a council which stood against the business barons and feckin eejits.

The feckin eejits were happy, now they’re nae happy.

They’re still feckin eejits by the way.

So they are organising a demo against the current council on 22nd September. They set up a Facebook page and urged the Aberdeen public – should that read pubic in these feckin eejit language? to support them outside Marshall College.

The protest shall take place outside of the Marshall College on Saturday the 22nd of September at 1:00pm.

Marshall College is nowhere, min. The place is Marischal College. Named after a guy called Marischal. But these eejits know nothing.

They have put out a statement which reads:

The purpose of our protest is not sorely based on the decision to abandon plans to regenerate Union Terrace Gardens, but also the decision to abandon plans to construct the Calder Park development and the third Don Crossing.

We welcome members of the public along should they agree with the above statement.

Saturday the 22nd of September outside of the Marischal College on Broad Street at 1pm.

Let me stop you right there. Your language skills are painful for the reader but the word is solely meaning alone – not sorely which means awfa sair.

Businesses want a modern developing city where land prices are rising and one of the ways to do that is to bring people into the city, tourists for example. Glasgow has Rennie Mackintosh, Edinburgh and Stirling have the castle, Dundee has the Discovery and Inverness has Loch Ness. What does Aberdeen have other than a major traffic problem and probably the worlds most expensive taxis!? The CGP has been scrapped so what does the council plan on doing to promote the city and bring back the small businesses that are the backbone? Yes the recession has a part to play but we have to stop using that as an excuse! If the council are wanting to balance the books then they have to come out and tell the city that. People would rather be told the bigger picture than seeing their city degrade. The people of Aberdeen are proud people and want to see their city doing well and moving forward but it seems that there is a minority, RoadSense for example, that are determined to see it fail. Like I said before I was for the UTG as at least it would have looked like Aberdeen was moving forward. However, if Labour have proof to show that it would not have worked and can show the people the facts then they should do so! I think the biggest problem here is that there is a distinct lack of communication and some people in Aberdeen have lost all faith in government and councils. That will be the biggest challenge for the council and one that they should be focusing on the most!

Aberdeen is a wealthy city – 38% GVA above the Scottish average creating 12% of the Scottish economy with under 9% of its population. Unemployment is extremely low.

I don’t think it’s true that Edinburgh and Stirling share ‘the castle’ and as for the other attractions – Loch Ness isn’t IN Inverness and Aberdeen has, therefore, various attractions close to it – such as castles (plural), mountains (some very famous) and beaches (many the most wonderful in the UK).The City has the lovely Old Aberdeen. It has the second largest granite structure in the world. It has Rubislaw Quarry , one of the biggest man-made holes in Europe. It has some of the finest granite buildings in the whole of the UK.

There is no sign of Aberdeen seriously degenerating – expect that’s what you meant by the word ‘degrade’?

Aberdeen needs those private businesses, owners of some of the finest granite buildings in the UK, to clean them up – removing the grass and other plants they have allowed to grow on them.

Aberdeen does need to encourage in more businesses to Union Street. Failure to tackle this issue has been a feature of councils of all political parties over the last two decades with the building of so many shopping malls which have drawn retail away from magnificent Union Street. Lowering business rates could fill up these empty properties fairly quickly.The Wood proposal would have done nothing to help Union Street.

This writer doesn’t appear proud of his city, if he does live in Aberdeen. He doesn’t appear to know much about it in fact.

And then there is:

I have a constructive meeting on Monday with Grampian Police and Council officials regarding our protest. This protest against ACC is going to happen!

And just what is a professional protest?

Please respect that this is a professional and peaceful protest against Aberdeen City Council therefore violence, vandalism or any other kind of inappropriate behaviour will not be accepted.

Their main banner will read:

“Aberdeen Deserves Better”

Looking at their Facebook page I couldn’t agree more. If these feckin eejits speak for Aberdeen god help it.

PS this is excellent http://urbantrawl.blogspot.co.uk/2011/10/urban-trawl-aberdeen.html

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