John Stuart Mill on Union Terrace Gardens decision

John Stuart Mill’s words on government have some relevance for today’s debate on the misconceived plan to replace Aberdeen’s sunken gardens with a concrete monstrosity destined to become as shabby as some of the plan supporters.

‘… beneficial exertion of legislative authority to correct the abuses of what pretends to be local self-government, but is, too often, selfish mismanagement of local interests, by a jobbing and borné (narrow-minded) local oligarchy.

Fortunately not everyone was gullible to the exaggerations, the vacuous statements and clichéd  pronouncements.

Over thirty years of oil and gas in Aberdeen and what have these multimillionaires given to the city?  Look around, it won’t take you long. There’s nothing here they’ve provided. No wonderful street art, no fine buildings, no magnificent developments or even social infrastructure.

Aberdeen doesn’t need any more tasteless developments with short shelf-lives. Aberdeen needs to preserve its magnificent architecture and preserve the best of what it has and be bold. The council should listen to people in the area who know and understand the importance of tradition and culture instead of promoting the whims of powerful men used to dictating their terms to others and fawning here today gone tomorrow councillors totally lacking in integrity or simple good taste.

3 Comments to “John Stuart Mill on Union Terrace Gardens decision”

  1. From very afar (Canada)

    In my misspent youth Union Terrace Gardens was a lung in the city of Aberdeen.

    Alas, Aberdeen has now developed emphysema.


  2. Of course there are no Fine buildings etc etc, ACC wouldn’t have allowed it. The tradition of culture dont put food on the table.

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