Can you identify this wild flower?


6 Comments to “Can you identify this wild flower?”

  1. V officinalis would be my guess. Certainly some kind of speedwell

    • You’d have won the prize had there been one! Well done. Have checked it out online and it certainly appears to be Veronica Officinalis.

      I am a Veronica fan and have several in the garden but didn’t associate this with it. Didn’t realise speedwells are Veronicas either. Must brush up my wildflowers. Used to know most of them when I was a kid. Now can only name a few.

      Good work.

  2. Veronica officinalis…I think

    • Oh I think you just beat Tom to identifying it. Yes, it does appear to be V officinalis. I’m so glad to be able to put a name to this lovely wee plant.

      Spent ages yesterday checking our wildflower books and later online sources but was looking at the wrong family, clearly.

      Wikipedia’s V officinalis doesn’t look like this but I wondered if the American version was different. Other illustrations have the same vivid blue with long stamens etc.

      Thanks for your help.

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