AA Box 472 Museum – Scotland’s smallest?

Automobile Association Box 472 must surely be the tiniest museum in Scotland. For those of us who have frequented the road to the hills, the old wooden AA box was a familiar sight on the journey on the way to Ballater and Braemar.

A few years ago some keen local people from Ballater feared that this interesting relic of our past should be rescued from its state of dilapidation. Apparently it had been graded listed Grade II but then left to deteriorate.

You can see how they set about the work of repairing and refurbishing the Box 472 at http://aabox472.webs.com/ control and click the link

Inside the museum there is the AA phone, photographs, AA memorabilia, a visitor’s book along with tourist maps and information brochures for the Cairngorms National Park.

Now people from all across the world visit this great wee museum.

Well done to the Ballater 5.

4 Comments to “AA Box 472 Museum – Scotland’s smallest?”

  1. lenathehyena

    Many thanks for your efforts publicising Box 472.

    • It’s a pleasure. We were very taken with the box when we, at last, visited last year – having passed it so often. It’s a big commitment to transform maintain it. Wish there were more like you around then we wouldn’t be losing so much of our heritage. Hope you have a good summer.

  2. Nice to meet you, and thank you, like, follow!

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