Yonder Bognie and Cairnton Recumbent Stone Circle remains

Yonder Bognie stone circle

The wonderfully named Yonder Bognie stone circle is one of many in Aberdeenshire’s rich seam of Bronze age remains.

A recumbent circle of originally 9 whinstones, possibly surrounding a burial or cremation cairn (an urn and bones were recovered here). The area and circle have fallen victim to indifferent farmers in the past although the present one is apparently happy to allow visitors to the stones.

The western flanker remains standing beside the recumbent but the taller east one has fallen.

Of the rest of the circle, some orthostats are in place while others have moved or are missing. It appears to have been oval-shaped rather than round – 22 metres X 18 metres. Most stone circles were graded in height and this is true here with the tallest stones set on the south east and the smallest to
the north northwest.

The recumbent is around 3.5 metres long and 1.5 metres tall.
Unusually the recumbent is facing the southeast, on a gentle slope but said to be aligned to the major southern rising moon.

Cairnton Stone Circle

In the vicinity of Yonder Bognie, and Foggy Loan (Aberchirder) lie the remnants of the Cairnton circle.

The whinstone recumbent and west flanker are all that remain of this stone circle. The recumbent is nearly 3 metres long and 1.6 metres tall and the flanker is over 2 metres tall. The recumbent has been badly damaged by attempts to blow it apart.
Around are scattered field stones.

The circle was positioned on a south-eastern slope with wonderful views across Strathbogie.

Missing stones may still be in the vicinity although others have been re-used e.g. in the walls of a steading building and a cupmarked stone was apparently buried by a farmer. Why? It’s been reported he got fed up driving around it! Tough work driving a tractor.

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