Sun, Sand and Seals: Newburgh Beach

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This winter Aberdeenshire has had missed the dreadful weather affecting much of the west of the country so days out are blessed with beautiful sunshine.

Today just called for a walk along a beach but which one? The northeast coastline has some of the best beaches anywhere.

Headed east and enjoyed seeing several majestic wind turbines – their propellers turning furiously and- came to a stop Newburgh.

Across from Newburgh lies the Ythan Estuary which is a Site of Special Scientific Interest and a grand place to go to see all sorts of birds – over 200 species apparently – but it wasn’t birds we came on today on the sandy foreshore but a large colony of seals.

Grey seals bask in winter sunshine.

One thing Newburgh isn’t short of is sand. Its dunes are a marvel and are the largest sand dune area in Europe.

The Sands of Forvie is a great place for walking.

Today it was windy. Very windy so that a walk along the sands was invigorating and I benefited from a complimentary exfoliation which I’m still feeling.

The light was stunning. The sun warm. The wind cold.

Newburgh had been bombed during WW2 and war defences are very obvious right along beaches around Newburgh and Balmedie.

Live landmines are thought to still be around this area in the shifting sands but all we discovered was an old glass fishing float which had lain buried in the sands for years.

5 Comments to “Sun, Sand and Seals: Newburgh Beach”

  1. About a mile up the beach to the North-ish. 🙂

  2. I’m surprised no one has photographed the old grounded ship about a mile up the beach. It would make a great subject.

    Bob Thomas

  3. Cracking day again Sandra and we didn’t know the seals were there so they came as a lovely bonus. Walking beaches like this one should be prescribed on the NHS. Fabulous place.

  4. Oh makes me so homesick for Aberdeenshire & Newburgh! Strong family connections to Collieston. What am I saying? We’ve wonderful beaches here in Moray & dolphins but today and yesterday it was ‘along’ the Spey’ which was the most beautiful blue! And who had no camera with her!

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