Sunhoney Recumbent Stone Circle

A beautifully sunny 13th January 2012 found us walking up by Sunhoney Farm near Echt in Aberdeenshire and on along a field to a wooded area where the 4-5000 year old stone circle sits.The situation is not as high up as some but still on a raised area where the rising moon could be watched very easily.

Immediately apparent is the sheer size of the circle, around 25m diameter.

Largely complete, Sunhoney recumbent stone circle is made up of 9 uprights, several very tall of pink granite and gneiss, as well as the grey granite recumbent stone which is very long and lying on its back rather than raised. It is flanked by two tall majestic stones. In front of the recumbent and right flanker lies a large stone which might have once been part of the recumbent which has broken off over time.

The recumbent is decorated by many cup marks – possibly around 30-along its upper surface. There has been a suggestion that they chart the stars. Whatever they meant to the people who carved them from the hard stone we will never know.

If the recumbent was used to catch the ascending moon then the dip in the hills to the south is just that point where a rising moon would first emerge into view.















Cremated bones have been recovered from the cairn within the circle.



Music on video is from Dieter Weberpals called Just Another Mood

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