Tamnagorn Recumbent Stone Circle

Tamnagorn Stone Circle

This circle, some 5,000 years old, is situated on an elevated site at the edge of a coniferous wood with fine views over the glen near Millbank near Alford in Aberdeenshire.

A sunny 1st of January 2012 encouraged the short trek over uneven grass covered stones along a field up to a copse of trees which is home to a particularly large though incomplete recumbent circle measuring around 21m diameter.

Originally 11 stones, 6 remain standing. The centre has a ring cairn and there are 3 small well shaped stones which might have be kerb stones.

The smallish recumbent has one good sized flanker and another much smaller stone suggesting some stones might have been moved in previous times. The recumbent’s broad side is lined up with this small flanker and the nose end towards the tall flanker. The recumbent is fairly even and level along the top.

One of the stones has recently lost a piece due to frost most likely.

2 Comments to “Tamnagorn Recumbent Stone Circle”

  1. Thanks again Roy for taking a peek. It was a beautiful day today and perfect for stumbling around searching out neolithic sites. 😉

  2. Message as per the previous Christmas blog. Great to see old haunts from afar
    Roy Wares
    Vancouver, Canada

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