Glassel Stone Circle

The 1st January 2012 marked a brilliantly sunny start to the new year and so out to track down the 4,000 year old stone circle at Glassel, near Banchory.

Parking just opposite the entrance to Glassel House beside a path through the coniferous wood makes the start of the search easy enough. The wood is particularly pleasant, very verdant and densely carpeted with all sorts of flora but the way becomes difficult because of the number of large fallen trees.

There is no sign to the stones and we went on too far so began to retrace our steps methodically searching evidence of the Neolithic site.

Assuming the wonderfully mossy broken old gates must mean something we ventured through and eventually spotted smallish uprights near where the land drops down to the burn in an open area at the edge of the wood.

The circle is more a rectangle or just possibly an oval, around 5.5m X 2.8m. The stones are far smaller than the older circles but are no less amazing for all that. They are granite, taller towards the south.

Evidence of fires was found here and there is a suggestion that one of the horizontal stones was the cover of a cist.

Small circles such as this one are described as transitional, coming between the large recumbent ones of the previous millennium and forms later 2,000 years BC.

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