East Aquhorthies and Whitehills Recumbent Stone Circles on Xmas Day

An unusually beautiful, sunny and warm Christmas day found me at East Aquhorthies Recumbent Stone Circle near Inverurie and Whitehills stone circle remains, both  in Aberdeenshire.

East Aquhorthies – the name possibly derives from the Gaelic for Field of Prayer.

This well-preserved stone circle is a neat example of the many in the area. The 9 uprights, recumbent and two flankers are red grained or grey granite from around Bennachie and pink porphyry or jasper.

The circle is around 19.5m diameter. The recumbent is 3.8m long and weighs in around 9 tons – 6 times lighter than the recumbent at Old Keig but impressive just the same.

As with all the recumbent circles it is thought the recumbent and flankers create a frame to view the standstill moon which occurs ever 18.6 years and generally were used as lunar calendars.


Whitehills near Pitfichie has the remains of a stone circle but it is incomplete.   

Remaining is the recumbent and one flanker c. 8ft high, an upright and other(s) fallen.

2 Comments to “East Aquhorthies and Whitehills Recumbent Stone Circles on Xmas Day”

  1. And thank you for taking time to look at the blog and make a comment. Lena

  2. Thanks

    Brings back fond memories of decades past

    Vancouver, Canada

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