Hollyberry’s tweets week 8 (the sanitised version) Love sitting alone in vodka bar chatting to the toilet attendant

To be read in reverse order for authenticity – if you like

  • How can my bus driver be so happy?! It’s raining, cold, early and Wednesday.
  • Hate setting my alarm for 6.30
  • When the man kills the baby shoe in who framed roger rabbit I cry so bad
  • Love sitting alone in vodka bar chatting to the toilet attendant.
  • Girl in complete tears on the bus, I’m the only other one on.. #AWKWARD#
  • Two guys on my bus wearing the same golfing hat. #CRINGEFORYOUGUYS
  • Cup of tea, big bang theory and bed. when did I get so damn wild?
  • Aw man guitar lady
  • If there were still men like Gene Kelly around, life would be amazing. He is the ultimate guy. Love every single one of his films.
  • Also the beautiful boy who is always on my bus must live near me cause he got off at my stop.. Hmm
  • F**k creepiest bus journey home ever. man sits next to me and won’t shut up then he takes a photo of me then asks where I live. GET AWAY
  • CUTE. two old ladies discussing their sleepover tonight and what they are having for tea.
  • Bus is packed, only a matter of time before I get a weird person sitting next to me
  • If santa is real I just seen him
  • My bus driver is seriously the worst driver ever, hate to admit it but she is a woman..
  • Eugh, hate stuff like mince pies and christmas pudding. Sick
  • So my little brother was looking up ‘different ways to say bitch’ could have  been worse I guess, but um what?
  • This wind is beyond mental #HurricaneBawbag #canimovetospain
  • All snuggled up in my rockness blankie, (obvs been washed) now I need to find the energy to make a cuppa and I will be a happy girlie
  • My cats outside 😦
  • @SeanBattySTV is trending? I love him 🙂
  • Only Scotland could come up with #HurricaneBawbag yes!
  • If there are two girls out, there is always a minger.. Tonight that is me @kerenp92 is looking
  • Dear Man Utd, hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
  • In the words of @Veritabletennis I want chopstick legs so badly
  • Okay. Right, let me rephrase I want legs THAT long.
  • I want them so bad. Officially starving myself.
  • @dardarx I’d happily move to the north pole to be with them.
  • @dardarx AW I want a real penguin
  • Whenever my parents ask how much something was I always subtract 10-20 quid…
  • @hrantgird Hahaha, I’m a silly person.
  • timetobloom.tumblr.com/post/4526721959 is it slightly worrying those are my ideal legs? HOW DO I GET THEM
  • @Menggaing he has banging legs and I need them.
  • Next goal, get skinner legs. How do I do this? Hmm
  • google.co.uk/imgres?q=micro… If somebody could buy me one I’d be forever grateful..
  • Dad knows I’m ill, and how to make me feel better. twitpic.com/7pf27x
  • Oh my god, I hate nothing more than buses.
  • Junkie at back of bus is either asleep or dead.. Hmm…
  • Guitar lady is fairly going for it today
  • Scotland gets far too cold, pretty keen for going to Australia.
  • Is Cilla Black pissed? #NMTB
  • Tomato soup is so iboiiiis
  • Sitting in vodka bar, all I hear is @grae91 name being mentioned by some guuurls

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