Dundee, Jail and Justice

Guest Blog

And so the forces of evil have been sent down for 3 and 4 years. At last we can sleep safely in our beds, the Christmas spirit of giving is alive and well in the Scottish justice system. These miscreants were harbingers of chaos and anarchy and could not be allowed to roam the digital streets threatening to bring down all that we hold dear. I’d go further, I would not be surprised if our oh so diligent Procurators Fiscal and police forces were to continue with their enquiries they would find a string of offences which might be laid at the door of these so-called young people (I would hope, that unlike the recent attempt to prosecute the noble forces of law and order in England, evidence gathered would not go missing – regarding this loss it seems likely that do-gooders somehow made-off with evidence just to blacken the name of justice). What might they find, no doubt a list of offences worthy of even heavier sentences?

Was it not these laddies who took us into an illegal war, wrote the dodgy document and set about ensuring the deaths of hundreds of thousands; and then went on to make sure that innocents such as Blair could fly round the world and make themselves very rich?

Was it not them who set up the system of credit defaults and other finance mechanisms all the better to rob customers and the public; and then went on to organise massive payouts, and even knighthoods for these Masters of the Universe.

Was it not them who hypnotised Gordon Brown (now I believe known as The Silent One) and his cohorts into promoting an economic sector with a laxity of control only explicable in terms of mind control by these two evil powers? Those made homeless and those who lost their jobs can now direct their passion at the real perpetrators in this grand theft.

Was it not them who led Standards and Poor’s into downgrading economies paving the way for anarchy on foreign streets? Yes, a careful search should uncover hidden deep within the hard drives webs of connections which explain the current state of affairs as coming from the Protocols of Dundee.

So we thank Scottish justice for the bravery it has shown in keeping the streets safe, in keeping us alive and well in a thriving economy and for ensuring that the future is as bright as the past.

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