Whiteley Public Ha’ on the A944

The bus shelter at the Tough/Alford road itherwise kent as Whiteley Public Ha’ his re-emerged frae the under/overgrowth.

Miracle o’ miracles pavin’ and kerbin’ hiv appeart an’ a pathy up te the shelter nae used in a lang time – by onyone awfu decent.

But there’s windaes te keek oot te see fan the bussy’s comin’ frae Alford – a low ane fur the bairns

An’ a higher up ane fur bigger fowk

For fowk takkin the bussy inte Eberdeen there’s somethin a bitty mair basic but surely weelcome a’ the same on the ither side o’ the roady

But fur fowk in Tough there’s nae mair standin’ amang the weet grass an’ dubs.

A’ that’s needed noo is a mair frequent bussy service. Still I’m sure fowk in those perts’ll think it a weelcome stert te the Cooncil’s public transport improvement scheme.

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