Singing the Spirit Home – a song of hope against tyranny

Eric Bogle singing his great song Singing the Spirit Home sums up the emotions of the individual facing execution at the bloodied hands of intolerant and brutal regimes. Bogle’s inspiration was a story emerging from the old apartheid South Africa of a young black man going to the scaffold – but governments prepared to murder those brave enough to speak up for freedom are still with us today – their brutality lives on in arrogant, violent and intolerant regimes.

Bogle’s message is not just to sympathise with the men and women facing capital punishment for daring to oppose tyranny and who are left to face death scared and alone but that they are in a sense not alone and encourages us to stand shoulder to shoulder with everyone risking their very lives in the struggle against oppression-

He saw no mercy in their heart, no pity in their eyes
Courage brother you do not walk alone
We shall walk with you and sing your spirit home

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