Iain Gray’s recognised quality of grayness of personality has come to the fore as the election approaches.

I didn’t believe Ed Miliband was right in his observation that people just haven’t got to know him was true in Scotland until I came upon a Scotsman article in which only 27 people out of 126 in Aberdeen recognised Gray with one believing he was the guy from Midsomer Murders. Okay so Gray hasn’t made an impression on people. Surely this has something to do with his lamentable performance as a political leader and his woeful abilities as a speaker which have been imprinted on the minds of the Scottish electorate. Miliband has no alternative but to back his Scottish leader but Miliband is not without his own critics over his lack-lustre performance as Labour leader in the UK.

For dyed-in-the-wool Labour supporters it is irrelevant who their leader is, their votes are guaranteed. Labour has been showing better in the polls recently and many believe despite the weakness of the Party’s leadership it will win a majority of votes in May.

According to Miliband, Gray will be attacking the ‘massive squeeze’ being applied by the UK coalition government. Well if he does that will be novel. Gray has little to say about anything other than snipe at the SNP. Gray has nothing to say about Labour policies which makes many of us wonder if Labour in Scotland has any policies at all.

It’s rich that UK Labour is now raising the spectre of Thatcher-style political attacks on the people by the current coalition as a reason to vote Labour in Scotland given the past two Labour PMs well-demonstrated admiration for Thatcher. What does this say about Labour and can MiIiband really keep a straight face when describing Gray as a man of integrity, decency and honesty? This is a Party which will say anything, do anything, promise anything to get elected. A Party devoid of decency and integrity. This is the Party of Iain Gray and Ed Miliband, the Party of jailed greedy MPs, the Party long associated with accusations of cronyism within Glasgow City Council, the Party of Steven Purcell, the Party recently led by the political minnow, Jack McConnell and later and bizarrely Wendy Alexander. What can be said is since Donald Dewar, Scottish Labour has failed to find anyone of substance and ability to lead it.

Miliband accuses the coalition government of engaging in the ‘politics of division’. Perhaps Miliband is not familiar with the behaviour of Labour in Holyrood which is precisely that – obstructive, petty and negative to the detriment of Scotland.
What does Labour want for Scotland? I have no idea. Does Labour have any ideas? I cannot decide if the dearth of policies from Labour is due to there being none or the Party is suffering from a severe lack of confidence which prevents it advancing any plans lest they be shot down.
Recently at Holyrood there has been the strange alliance between Labour and the big supermarkets over the SNP’s proposal for minimum pricing for alcohol. What was that about? There’s something pretty unpleasant about the small-mindedness of Labour MSPs.

Labour’s stomping ground is of course Glasgow and the surrounding area. It came as a surprise then when that Scotsman photographic test showed that Gray remained pretty unknown as a face here as well as around Scotland with just 8 from 125 people asked able to identify him. Does that matter when its the Party these same people will automatically vote for in May?

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