Deer today – Gone tomorrow- Tullos Hill – A View to a Kill

If Thatcher’s mindset settled anywhere it’s surely within the heads of officials and councillors at Aberdeen City Council.

They exhibit no sense of community.  Their motivation appears to be a combination of so-called economic rationalism, realism and private capital.

The Tullos hill deer in the Council’s eyes are useless and uneconomic. To cap it all the trees they intend to plant are a fawning gesture to royalty. Since when has the SNP gone pro-monarchy?

Now the coalition LibDem/SNP council maintain it is so skint it cannot afford £225 000 to put up fences in place of killing the roe deer which live on the hill so why take on a scheme which involved slaughter instead of simple protective measures?

Again, ACC knows the cost of everything and the value of nothing.

They are backed by ‘land managers’ at SNH who have no sense of Scotland and its natural heritage.

SNH is associated with the slaughter  of 1.3 million hedgehogs in its failed attempt to save birds in Lewis, the controversial culling of red deer on Rum to satisfy the hunting and  shooting brigade, responsible for removing blackfaced sheep in preference to heather, bizarre behaviour over Tayside beavers, controversial culls of red deer and this is the bunch who went to court to stop being transferred to Inverness from Edinburgh .

According to SNH’s logic they should have been culled not moved.

Let’s face it – SNH do not have the interests of animals at the heart of its thinking. SNH is all about land management.

Back to the Council.

It wants to plant a tree for every citizen of the city.  Why?   Hard to comprehend given its plan to destroy the wonderful mature trees at Union Terrace Gardens in preference for a flat expanse of concrete and following its permission for the new Don’s stadium at Loch of Loirston at the expense of green belt .

ACC makes it up as it goes along. Have to say they’re not any good at it as every tree, sorry citizen can see right through them.

A LibDim councillor admits to receiving emails complaining about this stupid plan but the myopic cooncilor rejects these as most not coming from Aberdeen.  The small minded councillor would in other circumstances be only too willing to place Aberdeen at the heart of international interests and activities.

Suddenly it’s become very important for ACC to plant trees for future generations.  Is it also very important to lay thousands of tons of concrete for future generations as well Ms Balony?

Councillor Neil Cooney also proposed that cattle grids be installed.  Sensible suggestion and observation from a historian.   He said: “I would remind the committee that the deer were here before any of us.”

SNP councillor Mark McDonald said: “I think the opportunity to create a large woodland on Tullos Hill is very exciting and I think it is something we should progress. We don’t have the money to put in place the kind of measures that would be required to avoid culling the deer. It is an emotive issue.”

People bereft of an argument always throw in the ‘emotive’ accusation. Just what do you mean by this Mr McDonald?  Shouldn’t we care about the animals in our environment?

Liberal Democrat Neil Fletcher doubted whether the money would be raised. “It is very easy to send an e-mail in the middle of the night, but if you are asked to put your hand in your own pocket, it’s harder.”

I really can’t add anything to this remark – not without going to court. Who mentioned pocket billiards?

This calls for a political cull not deer cull.


Chartered forester Chris Piper the Orwellian doublespeak spokesman for Aberdeen City Council explains that “the roe deer population on Tullos Hill is currently much higher than the land can support, there is very little variety of vegetation growing and deer suffer as a result.

Concerned spokesman continues, “Hungry deer also present a serious risk to themselves and motorists when they cross busy roads in search of food.

The Council has found a solution: save the deer from a fate worse than death by executing them.

Black is white and white is black spokesman hasn’t finished:
“Roe deer are a natural part of the woodland ecology. We are anxious to recreate a habitat for deer, squirrels, birds, bats and the full spectrum of woodland wildlife.”

Yes, that will be until they prove a danger to themselves and then they will have to be slaughtered again – so to speak.

Aberdeen City Council A vibrant, dynamic and aspirational city for the rich and powerful and two-legged dumb animals.

2 Comments to “Deer today – Gone tomorrow- Tullos Hill – A View to a Kill”

  1. I fully agree. SNH’s existence should be called into question. Can’t work out what it is they are supposed to be doing to justify the public expense.

  2. SNH also condone the removal of the Peregrine Falcons from Triple Kirks. Instead of suggesting that the stabilisation work is done over the autumn/winter period, leaving the birds free to nest and raise their young in spring/summer, they have been completely blocked off from their traditional nesting area (even though they were already back at the site and preparing to nest again). I have no idea where they have gone now that their original nest site has been rendered inaccessible and unsafe for raising their chicks, but I hope wherever it is, they are valued more than they were by Mr Milne and SNH.

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