Aberdeen Giving it Away – Money – want some?

Skint Aberdeen City Council has been asked to return £1.2million special project money to Cosla because its disgustingly highly paid officials were incapable of coming up with any good ways of utilising the money.

What do we pay these people for?

Is there anyone at the Council who can explain why the jaw dropping salaries these guys pick up is worth every hard earned penny by the people of Aberdeen?


Deadlines missed for funding opportunities are nothing new to this Council.  You might think, however, that in these difficult times the Council might just have its finger on the pulse to ensure that whatever funding has been allocated to Aberdeen will not be chucked away.

Well if you thought that you obviously are unfamiliar with just how incompetent this bunch is.  Will they be asked to account for the loss of cash or indeed the loss of services – don’t be silly.   Bottom line is that those ultimately responsible (I use the term loosely) Council officials will never face the sack but will can look forward to a rosy retirement based on their super inflated salaries which will be paid for by the children currently in the schools facing severe cuts.

We are talking here about the crowd who wasted, as it has turned out, nearly half a million pounds on the once viable and popular Peacock Arts building in Union Terrace Gardens –

that was before moneybags Sir Ian Would-you-help-me-build-a-park-in-honour-of-my-vast-wealth asked the Council permission to bulldoze the Gardens and pour concrete into the hole created.  Nice one Woody. Who says you can’t buy taste?                        

Haud the front page – not satisfied with toadying up to Woody, Aberdeen Council dug deep into its fast dwindling coffers and handed over a cool £375,000 public funds to moneybags Wood.  I’ll just repeat that – £375,000 from public funds to enable a vanity project for Scotland’s second riches man.

Sir Ian Wood – his fortune around £962 million.


According to today’s Press & Journal – the usual media tarts, John Stewart, Kevin Stewart and Kate Dean had nothing to say on the matter.


6 Responses to “Aberdeen Giving it Away – Money – want some?”

  1. Agree with your comments dionysius99.

    It’s so obvious that there are too many senior managers who, let’s face it, do very little to bring services to those requiring them. Strip out all but one tier of managers and the service would see no difference but there would be more cash around.

    I’ve seen it within the council that where there used to be one manager – that person persuades the authority a depute is required – then the structure growths arms and legs. These people will scream and shout to keep their little empires and yes, the ones who front services are given the chop.

    No, it’s not going to change – in the short term. Too many cosy relationships between council managers, officials and councillors – the collective term for most of these is Useless.

  2. Should read over before my ranting gets the better of me

    “£150,000, £100,000 and £50,000″ add *”respectively.”

    “There lack of planning” should be *”Their”

    And a 5% pay cut would hardly put these people on the poverty line.

    Why not make them take a 10% pay cut and more if they are poor performers.

  3. You know the thing that bugs me the most is that the workers at the council will end up redundant, like the pupil support assistants, who get paid a pittance compared to the Chief Exec, Directors, Strategists. Not sure of the exact figures but approximately £150,000, £100,000 and £50,000.
    Someone I know who works at the council doubled her salary from the private sector care industry. This she thought was too much and would end up killing council care. She told me that in her section there were 7 managers and 2 care workers.

    Get rid of top heavy management, will they, probably not.

    Can anyone tell me what a Strategist does? ACC has a dozen of them. Directors, well the question is would they make it in the big bad commercial world out there. There lack of planning speaks for itself.

    Also while teachers deserve the money they earn, why is it that ACC has the highest paid top line teachers in Scotland £41,000+

    Surely it would be better for the children for the top line to come into line with the rest of Scotland if only to save the pupil support assistant jobs.

    Rant over.

  4. Thanks rxpell – I suspect the dismal management at the council is a combination of incompetence and stupidity. Certainly a less impressive crew would be hard to assemble.

    Always an excuse for withdrawing funding from deserving causes and yet – what is it about rich blokes who only have to turn up and dangle a fiver and its open up the vaults – how much do you want sir to help ease your way to ruining our city?
    Ever so ‘umble, sir.

    And I was determined not to carp on once I came back. Actually that’s a lie.

  5. Great post. It’s actually looking potentially even more sinister though … this P&J article from January http://www.pressandjournal.co.uk/Article.aspx/2097148?UserKey= states that “Gordon MacIntosh, director of enterprise, planning and infrastructure, said he discovered last week that Scottish Enterprise had withdrawn its contribution towards the £13.5million scheme in April, weeks before the full council met.” and ‘ “The information that I was provided with last week was that the £1.6million was handed back last April,” the council director told committee members. ‘.


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