GMS exclusive: I’m Standing on the M8 Motorway

Radio Scotland’s flagship early morning news programme Good Morning Scotland soared to new heights sending out a reporter to stand on the M8 motorway and talk to a policeman in a conversation that went a bit like this:–

And where are you now?

I’m standing on the M8 motorway beside the Harthill Service Station.

And what is it like.

It’s very cold. The motorway is closed. There is no traffic on it. I’m actually standing on the motorway.

I have a policeman with me. Mr policeman – what do you think of the conditions?

It is very cold.

What advice have you for motorists?

Wrap up well it is very cold.

Thank you. Well that’s how the situation looks from here, Gary, on the M8 motorway outside the Harthill services.

Thank you…that was….on the M8 motorway outside the Harthill Service Station where it is very cold.

Keep warm …

Cue interview with gritter lorry driver.

You drive a gritter lorry?


How have you found the conditions?

They are very cold.

Have you experienced anything like this before.


Well keep up the good work.

We will bring you more insightful interviews on the roads situation outside of the studio all through the programme with a break for me to sound like a tough wee interviewer.

Now Mr Salmond why have you brought nothing but misery to Glasgow. Isn’t it true your government is against Glasgow?   Is this why you have forced Glasgow drivers into their cars even when they could see it was snowing, and as we’ve heard from our intrepid reporter on the empty M8, very cold, to drive along icy roads when they haven’t the first clue about driving on icy and snowy roads? Are you going to shoulder responsibility for this catastrophe Mr Salmond?  Are you considering your position?  I think our listeners have a right to know, Mr Salmond …zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, listeners zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.


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  1. Great blog. Great profile pic. Forelegs good!….a.d.

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