Thoughts on the Commonwealth Games – very few, actually

The only coverage of the Commonwealth Games I saw was towards the end of the closing ceremony. It was hilarious listening to a woman on the BBC, by the name of Tinku Ray I think, talking about an Indian woman who won a medal on the final day coming from a very humble lower middle class family – her father was a rickshaw driver. Lower middle class! Apparently the category of working class has no place in her vocabulary. Ah yes, we’re all middle class now.

Then the immensely irritating Steve Cram described Welsh cyclist Nicole Cooke as English. Don’t let her hear that, Stevie. He did apologise and explained his confusion away by saying that she had just competed for Great Britain in some competition. So is Great Britain also England, then Stevie? A trifle unprofessional.

Those were the highlights. Apart from mention of a large inflatable object during the handover to Scotland which I thought was very unfair to Big Eck … and, the Proclaimers – and Nessie. Whoah Glasgow’s certainly growing by the day – how wide an area will it cover by 2014?

Finally, what is it about Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire that is produces so many of the Games’ medal winners including at least 8 gold, I think. No idea, but congratulations to them all and to everyone else who took part.

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