The Think Tank Director, the Baroness and the Shriek of English Bigotry

‘…no good can come from this institution – the Scottish uh, uh, Parliament…’

‘…we’re all subsidising them, I think, by way of benefits …’

“Kenny MacAskill, the so-called Scottish Justice Secretary – there’s not very much to do if you are the Scottish Justice Secretary in a devolved Scottish Assembly. You can at least read the one important bit of news that’s come across your desk the last five years. The problem that I think the most galling thing about this whole thing is this pretend, horrible, charade building in Edinburgh called the Scottish Parliament and the horrible charade politicians who inhabit it and who occasionally crawl out of the eh darkness and explain something to the to the rest of us as if, as if we we we’ve never thought of moral questions before. I mean Kenny MacAskill and Alex Salmond these horrible grandstanding, em, y’know Mickey Mouse politicians have been parading around talking about unique compassion of the Scottish people. We we are uniquely compassionate no one else feels compassion like me I’m feeling so compassionate at the moment I can hardly bare it…I think this is appalling and …no good can come from this institution – the Scottish uh, uh, Parliament and whilst it’s there and the Union continues to fragment while mini nationalists like Salmond and MacAskill are around – whilst this continues I say no good will come from it and this country will continue to be faced with these ridiculous figures making ridiculous pronouncements which embarrass us all.”

These are the utterances of neocon and old Etonian, Douglas Murray self-appointed Director of the Centre for Social Cohesion which claims in its website to promote human rights. It also studies radicalism and extremism in Britain. It is based in that centre of the UK aka the Universe where there is the greatest understanding of everybody and everything – Westminster.

Now Think Tanks appear like litter on London streets. Anyone lacking skills to be productive and useful can appoint himself or herself as a director, find a couple of pals with nothing better to do and Bob’s your uncle. Pick a title and they are instant experts called upon by newspaper editors and government officials to bolster whichever viewpoint is being pushed to sway public opinion and influence government policy. Kids with nothing to offer society other than their half-arsed opinions based on a half-arsed education system and bare-arsed prejudice have become the fount of all wisdom in the world or the neocon sought after for their ‘expert’ insights. Gallus young men and women whose experience of life stems mainly from Oxbridge and London wine clubs bray knowingly about everything and nothing. Think Tanks can even claim charitable status while promoting their often reactionary views.

Born in the Outer Hebrides, Murray was educated in England and appears to have little knowledge of Scotland. Indeed his outbursts suggest he is ill-equipped to head a centre for Social Cohesion. The bizarre rant quoted above emerged as his response to a question about the release of Megrahi on Radio 4’s Any Questions on 20 August 2010. On hearing Murray, I immediately thought of mouthy six formers out to shock and impress. His answer certainly went down a bomb with the audience in Sutton Coldfield – yes, I’ve no idea either and his sentiments echoed those of Baroness Deech – likewise a new one on me.
These two panellists have more in common – both are active advocates for Israel and its right to independent status yet their conviction of self-determination for Scotland unleashed incredible angry spluttering along with the usual ignorant remarks about Scottish scroungers from the lady ( I exaggerate). It’s interesting how the oil and gas industries which have supported the UK for the past 40 years never enter the consciousness of south Britain parochialism.

This is what the Baroness had to say…

“I’m fed up with this Scottish waving of nationalism when it suits them. All right, they’re devolved but I think they did this just to show the rest of us, oh, that we are independent, we make our own decisions and it’s been very embarrassing for the rest of us and it started me thinking along these lines – if Scotland wants to be independent – okay, be my guest – go ahead – do what you want and, -loud applause – and please take back with you all the Scottish politicians, there are so many of them here – starting with Blair and Brown and Campbell . Take them all back and off you go and go off on your own because actually we’re all subsidising them, I think, by way of benefits and all sorts of reasons and if they want to show how independent they are – okay, thank you and goodbye.”

I blame England’s education system.

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