Jim Murphy Secretary of State against Scotland

How can Labour MP Murphy defend the inequality of access to the National Grid between Scotland and England? Bizarre as it seems this is the position of the Labour government’s Secretary of State for Scotland. Secretary of State against Scotland would be more accurate. No, Mr Murphy where there are differences which place one part of the UK at a deliberate disadvantage to another is wrong. Voters might assume anyone promoting himself as the voice of Scotland would appreciate this but not Mr Murphy. Once again he is shown to put Party before everything else and a reluctant spokesman to rectify inequality in his native country when it looks as if Scotland has a chance to lead the way again in energy production this time through Green Energy rather than the black gold still being pumped out of waters around the north and east of the country. Wrong. Jim Murphy sees nothing wrong with it being cheaper to connect to the National Grid in England than Scotland. Presumably he doesn’t see anything wrong either with Scottish Hydro power being charged at higher rates in Scotland than it is in London. Try asking Hydro why this is and you’ll be met with a great big silence. Perhaps Mr Murphy can tell us. He’s always keen to grab a mic unless, of course, the questions are about MPs expenses. Just give it straight, Jim Murphy – why is it okay for the differentials?

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