The Rowie Road Ahead

Let’s face it – City Square – Unione Terrazzo Piazza – is just another disaster waiting to happen in Aberdeen.  The grim design lacks magic! It’s a brutal misreading of cultural enhancement by businessmen who don’t know any better. If you’re not prepared to build and support a wonderful museum for the City, Sir Ian Wood, then let those with a better understanding of what would really enhance the toon get on with it. No-one who takes decisions in Aberdeen has the gumption to do what’s right.  Walk around the town and that’s too obvious.  It’s dull, min. Aberdeen should have had a spectacular piece of art dedicated to the granite industry donkey’s years ago. Oh, it’s said, the buildings are the memorial.  Aye, that’ll be right. Granite, fishing, oil and the rowie.  All should have significant money invested in bringing innovative -big and bold – street art to the city but that’s no Aberdeen.  What’re we getting? A wee, old fashioned sculpture of a man on his horse, not even the Lone Ranger – now that I might queue up to see. Just give us a giant rowie on a plate, Sir Ian and forget the concrete jungle.

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